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House Band Par Excellance

What once was Arthur Greenland:

Now with new member Tony BallZ, and fellow Flagstaff legends (and original members) Happy James on drums, Lil Bobby Memphis on bass and Rhode Island Mafia Thom (of Wanda Junes) on Elden-crafted axe. 

Arthur Greenland rides the mic & thanks the Duggs for breaking up and leaving behind some beautiful wreckage for salvage.

TWGS has been playing Tucson (Congress, Flycatcher, Bar Passé, St. Charles, La Cocina, Cans), for at least 6 months. TWGS jammed in Bisbee at The Quarry and in Flagstaff at Firecreek. They have been lucky to have performed with Ex-Bats, Whispering Wires, The Rifle, Otherly Love, Golden BooTs, The Resonars, Street Clothes, Sweaty Palm Trees and a couple others. 

This summer TWGS are recording a debut EP with Matt Rendon at Midtown Island and are working with Jose from SONOROS to record SLEAZ shows.

They can be found up to no good at The Historic ERVICE once a month for SLEAZ.


5/11 @ Brodie's Tavern 2449 N. Stone Ave

5/16 @ Cans Deli 340 N. 4th Ave w/ Whispering Wires and DJ Isaac

5/26 SLEAZ @ the Ervice w/ No Volcano, The Rifle & Exbats

6/22 @ CANS w/ Rebel Set & Exbats. 

9/27 @ Owls Club w/ ExBats

9/29 @ THEERVICE w/ Weekend Lovers

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